Long Shadows of Practice

These poems are rooted in meditation and blossom in the light of human experience. This book is about the intersection of repetition and progress. What is done over and over silhouettes what is novel and surprising. Long Shadows of Practice is philosophical yet felt, quiet and funny, fantastical and full of heart. It lands lightly with hope in the possibilities of connections.

Curiosity pulls me, compassion pushes me, and the mystery of consciousness sustains me. So I write. These books help open awareness and expression. They are gentle reminders that every moment has both fullness within and context around that are always available for more exploration.

Beth Jacobs, PhD

From the International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW.org) website:

About Me

Hi. I’m Beth Jacobs and I hope these books will be useful to you. They evolve out of my lifetime love of detail, poetry, unusual points of view and using writing to sort out complexity. They are informed by 40 years as a therapist and the profound questions and feelings that arise in hearing people talk about what matters to them. They arise out of my own Buddhist practice and I consider them to be a gift of that practice.

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