Long Shadows of Practice

Long Shadows of Practice is about the intersection of repetition and progress.  What is done over and over silhouettes what is novel and surprising.  These poems are rooted in meditation and writing practices, and blossom in the light of human experience.  They lyrically describe perception and activity moving in many layers of reality. Long Shadows of …

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Grandparents Rock

The creativity of these writers comes from a profound appreciation of life and connection. It is expressed constantly in their everyday efforts to care for other people and develop themselves. The creativity of these writers will inspire you to value your own voice and meaning through the wide range of life’s experiences, from cooking to …

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Paper Sky

Being at Westerbork is filled with extremes of happiness and despair.  Sometimes feeling the hot wind rolling off the heath and moving my hair and touching my cheek feels like the most beautiful blessing imaginable.  Then I walk into the barracks where the three-tiered endless rows of rickety metal beds seem to extend into infinity. …

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